Manufacturing Services

Together with our trusted partners we manufacture your physical products. CD, DVD, BluRay, vinyl, audio cassette or apparel, we can have them manufactured in most (if not all) formats you wish. Packaging ranges from simple cardboard wallets to the most elaborate 3D packaging. Together with you we choose the best option for your physical products.

We look further than just the product but advise you based on sales expectations, budget, fanbase to create an optimal product for you to offer your fans.

We take our social responsibility serious when choosing a product. We prefer to minimise the use of plastic so generally offer cardboard packaging andin anticipation of the ban on the use of disposable plastic in the EU we discourage offering shrinkwrapping of your products.

We work with multiple trusted manufacturing partners both in the high quality as well as the budget segment to be able you the best product within your budget. 

CD/DVD manufacturing is offered in two formats:

  • We offer professional short run CD/DVD duplication (upto 200 copies) with on disc printing. These products nowadays are accepted and approved by distributors for professional resale.
  • We offer high quality CD/DVD replication (from 300 copies onwards) from reputable pressing plants in Europe.
Vinyl manufacturing is offered from small runs of 100 copies upto large scale productions. We can have your albums produced in black or coloured vinyl and in the requested weight (140grms/180grms/200grms).

We can support your BluRay manufacturing from start to finish. Please note that for BluRay production  you need a BluRay license key from the AACS which also charges an administration fee. Plus we can create a BDMCF image for BluRay Replication.

The audio cassette is fast becoming popular again. We offer the production of audio cassettes from 50 copies onwards with recording times between 10 to 90 minutes.

The product with the highest margin is apparel. We have several trusted partners who can produce the apparel you want, whether it is clothing, stickers, buttons, pens or even usb sticks with you audio and/or video on it.