Promotional Services

The core element to the success of your release is promotion. You can create a beautiful release but how will your (potential) fan base know that you have a release to offer.

We offer two distinct types of promotional services:

  • Album promotion: Timing on promoting new album releases is critical so we start promoting a release 12 weeks before the release date. Basically you need to have your release ready by then. We promote the release for a period of 6 months so until about 3 months after the release date. By then the bulk of the media will regard your release too old to be featured.

Our promotional services consist of 5 different promotion strategies for a new release:

  1. to distributors world wide (in combination with our distribution service) with the goal to have the release of the album known to all retailers.
  2. to media (magazines, webzines and radio stations) via digital promotion of the album including invitations to album reviews, band interviews and visit the release show.
  3. to media (magazines, webzines and radio stations) via the physical magazine True Music Guide. This is a 16 page physical magazine that is sent to 100 trusted media partners and concentrates on your release.
  4. to the fanbase by promoting posts on social media to your projected fanbase.
  5. to the fanbase by choosing an optimal pre-order/crowd funding strategy for selling your release directly to your fans. We exclusively use our bandcamp webstore for this.

Next to that we can add bespoke promotional activitities like:

  • advertising in physical or digital magazines or websites.
  • participation in covermount CD’s with magazines.
  • paid reviews.
  • social media promotion of singles and/or videoclips.
  • single plugging.
  • digital plugging: manual spotify playlist plugging

Please note that the success of the promotion on social media depends on the active participation by the (band) members on this. The effectiveness of promoting your music and releases on social media is best by a combination of promotion on personal pages, artist pages, promotional pages and label pages (in order of effectivity).

  • Tour promotion: The goal is to get as many people to see you perform live. Whether it is a tour or a single gig you need to promote the shows. Our promotional services consist of the following strategies:
  1.  to media (magazines, webzines and radio stations) via digital promotion of the shows including invitations to visit the shows for review and/or a band interview.
  2. to the fanbase by creating events and promoting these on social media to your projected fanbase.
  3. social media promotion via live clips.

We are able to provide you with both digital and physical tour promotional material to support your tour.