Distribution Services

We have a world wide network available to get your music out to the world to listen to.  It is based on two distribution pilars:

  • Digital releases: distribute your music on most (if not all) digital platforms. We offer this service in cooperation with our trusted partner iMusician Digital that has agreements with more digital platforms compared to all competitors.

Together with our partner iMusician Digital we distribute your music to hundreds of digital platforms for streaming and/or downloading. It is possible to choose the format and the territories of digital distribution. YouTube monetisation is included in this service. Additionally we can offer a pre release link on spotify and create an iTunesPro release (at added expense). If you supply HiRes music files your release will also be released on the HiRes digital platforms like Qobuz and PonoMusic.

Next to that we have direct access to the Chinese market to have your release distributed on the major digital music platforms in China. A market that is larger than the rest of the world. All music is subject to approval of the Chinese government though!

  • Physical releases: we distribute to a growing group of distributors that make your release available to all retailers and webshops world wide. Next to that we also supply directly to specialised retailers.

Distributing your physical products to make certain your albums are available world wide is done on several levels.

  • First of all your release is registered in the Benelux PhonoNet database. This trading platform ensures that the album is available to all retailers in the Benelux and France! Furthermore the database shared with Media-cat for the German speaking area in Europe.
  • We arrange distribution through a growing number of official distributors that have your products avaiable to retailers in their area. Our main distribution partner is Sonic Rendezvous that ensure availability in the Benelux, France and the US as well as world-wide distribution.
  • We supply directly to specialised retailers world wide. We are in direct contact with retailers specialised in progressive rock, metal and classical music.
  • We run our own webstore (via bandcamp) for direct consumer sales.