Welcome Music Professional

Dutch Music Works is your independent partner for all your label services. We are specialised in providing independent bands and labels all their label services needs for their audio and video, whether in physical or digital format.

We offer the following label services:

    • Manufacturing services: we can supply quality products; compact discs, vinyls, compact cassettes, dvd’s and blurays and all kinds of apparel. We work with several trusted partners in Europe to supply you top notch quality products.
    • Promotional services: we can provide world wide album promotion of your product. We have an extensive database of media world wide. We are specialised in promoting progressive, alternative rock & metal music and classical music in the Benelux.
    • Distribution services: we can distribute your audio & video products, both in digital and physical format world wide. We have distribution and sales partners all over the world.
    • Fulfilment services: we can sell your (digital and physical) products directly to all your customers world wide. We offer highly competitive p&p cost for sending your products world wide.
    • Managerial services: we can advise you on all managerial affairs of you as an artist, whether it’s contractual, financial or concerning copyrights. We are open to answers your questions regarding this.