Corporate Social Responsibility

The environmental impact of the music industry is larger than many would expect. Of course the environmental imprint of digital music is restricted but manufacturing and distributing physical music products can have a vaste impact on the environment. We aim to limit our environmental imprint by:

  • Minimising the use of plastic in our physical products. The packaging of our CD’s consist mainly of digisleeves without  plastic trays. Since 2019 we have stopped shrinkwrapping our products this in anticipation of the ban on plastic packaging in the EU.
  • We are searching on the minimum production editions of vinyl albums. The production of vinyl has a large impact on the environment. We are als closely following the development of LP’s with different products as vinyl.
  • We are minimising the use of new materials for the packaging of our parcels and envelopes. We are using as much materials for sending out our orders than we receive. Since 2018 we have not needed to buy any plastic packaging materials other than tape.